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Over 30 years ago, Grace Nakai coached a girl's basketball team called the Chantelles which was comprised of nineteen girls from San Francisco.  Her desire to accommodate and give every girl a chance to play resulted in her decision to split the girls into two teams.  With her wisdom and guidance, the San Francisco Enchantées began their girls' basketball organization to promote good sportsmanship, leadership, and most of all establish great friendships.  Since 1977, the Enchantées have hosted annual tournaments through the year 2000, and is now in our 8th year of joint tournaments with the San Francisco Associates.  Today, we continue to emphasize character building, discipline, and respect for one another and are proud that many generations of returning families, first as players and now as coaches and moms, have shared Grace Nakai's vision.

We are a non-profit Asian American organization with 10 teams of over 100 girls in third to twelfth grades.  Since 2002, we have awarded a college scholarship to a deserving player from our senior team annually.

The Enchantées objectives and purposes are to provide a vehicle for promoting in Asian American girls and their families:

  • Self-esteem
  • Discipline and good character
  • Friendship and cooperation
  • Sportsmanship, teamwork, and healthy competitive spirit
  • Contribution and leadership
  • Values of family, heritage, and culture

In fulfilling our objectives and purposes, we hope to strive:

  • to utilize sports, including but not limited to basketball, or other endeavors as a means of developing individual skills and team play,
  • to encourage our youths' contribution to the community beyond their participation as players,
  • to seek continual opportunities for involvement in and contribution to the community, and
  • to design and sponsor activities that serve and support the Asian American community.

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